Experience Chronicled : Perpetrators, Bystanders and Collaborators


A Dead Woman on Holiday

Albert Speer

An English Tragedy


Angel: A Nightmare in Two Acts

At the Wire’s Edge

Biebow [ביבוף]

Bird of the Ghetto [Der foygl fun geto]

Black Angel

Black Sand


Blonde Poison

Born Guilty

Brigitte Berger

Brother Eichmann [Brüder Eichmann]

Catch 44 [מלכוד 44]

Collaborators [משתפי פעולה]

Consequences: The Trial of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Conversations with the Executioner


Der Kaiserwalzer

Dietrich & Chevalier: The Musical

Disney in Deutschland

Dispatches from Hell


Dreams [Träume]

East of Berlin

Eine Synagoge in Wassenberg

Eve of Retirement [Von dem Ruhestand]

For the Love of Bondi

Fortress [Festung]

Four Generations [ארבעה דורות]

From Crystal to Smoke [Du Cristal à la fumée]

From Man, to Beast, to Crawling Thing

Gas [גזים]


H. I. D. (Hess Is Dead)

Hanging Lord Haw-Haw



Hitler on the Roof

How We Danced While We Burned

I Am a Camera

I Claudio [אני קלאודיו]

In Quest of Conscience

In the Main Headquarters [במצבאה הראשית]


Judgment at Nuremberg

Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue

Kastner [קסטנר]

Kolbe: A Saint in Auschwitz

Koralle Meier

Kurt the God [Il Dio Kurt]

La Ragazza di Dachau

Last Witnesses [Die Letzten Zeugen]


Light Falling Down

Mandate Memories



Mendelssohn Does Not Live Here Anymore


Metronome Ticking

Mister Fugue, or Earth Sick [Monsieur Fugue, ou le mal de terre]

Muse of Fire

New Account

Next Year in Jerusalem

Night and Fog

Now They Are Singing Again [Nun singen sie wieder]


Our Class



Piano Fantasy [פנטזיה לפסנתר]

Playing for Time [תזמורת על תנאי]

Prize Winner

Prozess in Nürnberg

Rechnitz [Der Würgeengel]

Refuge of Lies

Rocket City, Alabam’

Room for Doubt

Roundheads and Peakheads



Six in a Bunker [שישה בבונקר אחד]

Smoking Firebrands [אודים עשנים]

Sugar, Herbert, Sugar [Cukurs, Herberts, Cukurs]


Summit Conference

Taking Sides

The Beasts

The Black Swan [Der schwarze Schwan]

The Book Thief

The Camp

The Ceremony

The Choice

The Chosen Ones

The Condemned of Altona

The Day of Wrath

The False Witness: Trial of Adolf Hitler

The Final Solution

The Girl on the Other Side of the Fence

The Good and the True

The Grey Zone

The Investigation [Die Ermittlung]

The Last Jew [היהודי האחרון]

The Last of Hitler

The Man in the Attic

The Man in the Glass Booth

The Mitzvah

The Nameless Man [אדם בלי שם]

The Other Man

The Outsider

The Portage to San Cristobal of A.H.

The Refugee

The Slaughter

The Star on My Heart

The Table

The Trial of Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Trials of John Demjanjuk: A Holocaust Cabaret

The Writing on the Wall [Das Zeichen an der Wand]


To Paint the Earth

Tonight: Lola Blau

Tykocin Bat-Yam [טיקוצ’ין בת ים]

Vienna, Love

Violences à Vichy

War Criminals and Punishment

Warriors of the Ghettos

Watch on the Rhine

We Will Not Be Silent

Wild Beasts Among You


Woman in the Moon