5 Kilo Sugar [חמישה קילו סוכר]


A young Israeli writer (Gur Koren as himself) is about to publish a book about World War II, when his dead grandfather returns (metaphysically), talking to him through his friends, as well as strangers, demanding that Gur change some facts in his book. The grandfather sends his grandson on a mission to find the truth about what happened in Bialystok, Ukraine, when a long time ago someone smuggled five kilos of sugar from the Nazis. On his journey Gur meets contemporary Israelis: a waitress, a high-school principal, an unemployed pot-head actor, a whore, a taxi driver, and more.
Format: Mockumentary
Cast Size: 3M/2F


Original or Prominent Production: Gesher Theater, 2009
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew
English Language Translator: Adi Drori-Avraham and Ariella Eshed

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