A Branch For Jerusalem


A Branch for Jerusalem is the story of a journey when the way was blocked and time had stopped. This is a play about the personalities, dreams, conflicts and loves of a family, set against a background that closed in on them during the Holocaust.  This is also a play about silence and disappearance, but even more pronounced, it is also about that spark in the human spirit which believes silence and disappearance are greater enemies than death.  The characters in the play are fictional, but the historical context is true.
Format: Full Length, 3 Acts
Cast Size: 10M, 4W
Character breakdown

ASHER PERETZ – Early 40s. Large, dignified, educated timber
merchant, active in the Bund
MERIAM PERETZ – Late 30s. Cultured background; passionate,
reflective nature
MORDECHAI – 18. Thoughtful, trusting, mature, history
scholar, clever with machines
EMMANUEL  – 17. Impulsive, graceful, outspoken,
impatient, explosive, a tease
ELIEZER – Early 40s. Close friend of Peretzes, natural
leader, decisive, physical
RUCHEL – 16. Daring, naturally athletic, mercurial
HANNAH – 18. Calm, clear-headed, reliable, strong
SHMUEL – 30s. Loner, chameleon, never still,
daredevil, smuggler, escape artist
YACOV – 30s. “Hans”, Aryan in appearance, self
possessed, seemingly nerveless
CHAYIM – 30s or 40s. Slight frame, escapee from
ZALMAN – Middle-aged doctor. Sharp wit, expansive
and jovial
MAYER – 19. Smart but pedantic, tendency to be
BENNY – 15. Enthusiastic, dedicated fighter, good
DOV – 13. Sweet, loyal, giving nature
BIG RED – Gentle man of great strength, mute




Original or Prominent Production: Margate Pac Center, Margate, NJ, April 17-19th, 2004.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English

Amazon Books, May 15, 2017

Production Rights Holder:

Myrna Treston

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