Die Kinder der toten Stadt – Musikdrama gegen das Vergessen


„Die Kinder der toten Stadt“ (Children of the Dead City) tells of the fate of the children imprisoned in Theresienstadt. The plot is based on historical facts: a delegation of the International Red Cross visited the ghetto in June 1944 to convince itself that "the inhabitants were doing well". The SS staged a perfect illusion to deceive the visitors. Among other things, the captured girls and boys were forced to perform a children's opera. Shortly afterwards, almost everyone who took part in this performance was murdered. This musical drama is dedicated to them.
Format: Musical
Cast Size: 15 plus various ensemble roles
Character breakdown

The children in the city: Hannah, 15. Albert, 15. Lea, 14. Michael, 13. Lisa, 10. Dana, 8. Benjamin, 6. Three friends of Albert. The children’s choir.

The adults in the city: The Composer. The Composer’s Wife. The Pianist. The Teacher. The Prisoners. The Commander.
The Soldiers. Members of the International Committee. The Narrator.



Date of authorship: June 23th, 2018

Study guides or support material: The Deutsche Institut für Erinnerungskultur (German Institute for Remembrance Culture) provides educational material, text and sheet music for all schools planning to perform the play for school theatre. For more information see www.DieKinderDerTotenStadt.de

Original or Prominent Production: Original Studio Cast, June 23rd, 2018. World Premiere, 5th April, 2019, Papageno Musiktheater Frankfurt, Germany.
Original Source Material: Interviews with survivors
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: German

Publisher and publication dates: Deutsches Institut für Erinnerungskultur, Paderborn, Germany; Lava Jam, Paderborn, Germany. First publishing as Original Cast Recording: June 23rd, 2018

Production Rights Holder:

Dr. Sarah Kass, Lars Hesse, Thomas Auerswald

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