I Will Bear Witness: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer

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A dramatic adaptation of the second volume of Victor Klemperer’s diaries. The son of a rabbi, Klemperer was a professor and journalist who was able to survive the Holocaust because his wife was not Jewish. Klemperer remained in Dresden during World War II, where he chronicled life in Nazi Germany, mostly surrounded by other Jews in mixed marriages. Throughout his experience, Klemperer maintained his sense of identity as being a German.
Format: Full-length play
Cast Size: 1M/1F
Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes


Original or Prominent Production: Classic Stage Company, New York City, March–April, 2001.
Original Source Material: The diaries of Victor Klemperer.
Nationality of Author: |
Original Language: German
English Language Translator: Martin Chalmers