Voices of the Holocaust — Voices of the Resistance


A song cycle of 11 songs, Voices of the Holocaust is based on the lives of survivors who resettled in the Washington Heights district of New York City, as well as the lives of Elie Wiesel, Corrie Ten Boom, and Anne Frank. The songs are preceded by vignettes (monologues), titled Voices of the Resistance, based on the lives of resistance workers during World War II from around Europe, and presenting the experiences of victims in their own words. Instrumental music, such as works of Paul Ben-Haim, Ernst Bloch and Max Bruch, are also presented in the memorial concert.
Format: Songs and monologues



Martha Smith (text and music)
Marilee Eckert (music)

Original or Prominent Production: Produced in France and Germany.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Martha Smith
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