Tags: Adolf Hitler

Hi, Hitler

A solo comedy by Bertolt Brecht’s neice, Lucie Pohl, about immigration, fitting in, and growing up in her family. Fascinated by Der Führer at age 4 and uprooted from Hamburg to New York City at 8, Pohl yearns for normalcy, but her high-drama-loving family has other plans.

Hitler’s Li’l Abomination

A semiautobiographical solo play by playwright Annette Roman that explores her unusual childhood—her father was a Hungarian Holocaust survivor and her mother was a former member of Bund Deutsche Model (Hitler Youth for girls). The play explores the idiosyncrasies of her upbringing. Her father would recount bedtime stories about the Holocaust, while she remembers seeing her aunt use a swastika-adorned kitchen knife. A unique look at the emotional impact of WWII on those involved.