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Mandate Memories

A stirring portrait of Israel’s tumultuous founding caused by the horrors of the Second World War, and revealed when Gustav Frolich, an eighty-year-old Israeli survivor of the death camps visits Jane Stirling, 62, in a small English town. Their mysterious connection forged during the post British Mandate for Palestine transition dramatically reveals a conflict and a secret that ties these two strangers closely together. This compelling and controversial story deals with memories of the struggles the Jewish people have endured, and atonement and the inability of the guilty to forgive themselves.

One of the Group [אחד מהחבר’ה]

Peter, a boy who survived the Holocaust, managed to come to Palestine during the British mandate. He finds some relatives in an established settlement, but has a hard time adjusting and fitting in with the other kids. Added to his loneliness is the fact that he can't find his parents’ names on the survivor lists.

Stormy Ship [אניה סוערת]

The hardship of Jewish illegal immigrants, their struggle with the Nazis, the rough seas and the British mandate.