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A radio drama that depicts a reporter's interaction with a doctor who, as a concentration camp prisoner, had to castrate fellow inmates in order to survive.

Between Death and Life

The play depicts the moral dilemmas facing doctors in ghetto hospitals during the Holocaust. Jewish doctors in the hospital in the Ukrainian ghetto of Lwow (1941–43)—named by the Germans, Lemberg—plot their own death in a historic parallel to the heroic suicides by persecuted but resistant Jews in Roman times, and as a subterfuge to allow their patients to avoid deportation to a concentration camp and their sure deaths.

Janusz Korczak [יאנוש קורצ’ק]

The play tells the story of the educator and Jewish doctor, Janusz Korczak, who ran an orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto. Korczak had a unique method of working with children, and even though he could have been saved, he went to the gas chambers with the orphans he protected.

Professor Mamlock

Wolf dramatizes the increasing struggles of the Jewish doctor Hans Mamlock under the very early Hitler regime and the impact of the Nazis’ anti-Jewish laws and attitudes on his life and career. The play is often cited as one of the first works to deal with the Nazi oppression of the Jews during the Holocaust.

The Cave

A Jewish doctor born in Germany can free himself from imprisonment in a ghetto if he collaborates by providing medical assistance to Reich soldiers at the hospital he was no longer allowed to work in due to Nazi racial laws. In an act of noble resistance, he rejects any hope for freedom and survival.

The Witnesses

Déry, was born into a Jewish Hungarian family and went into hiding during the Nazi occupation, was a Communist after World War II but became disillusioned, expelled from the party, and imprisoned for his participation in an uprising against the totalitarian regime, his play The Witnesses, written after his liberation and based somewhat on his own experiences, depicts the persecution of a Jewish physician and his family members in Budapest after the Nazis overrun Hungary in 1944 and begin the deportation of that country's Jews.

Unfinished Stories

Set in a New York City apartment over two days, the play revolves around Walter, a German Jewish doctor who escaped just as Hitler took power but at a terrible cost to a friend, his son Yves, an actor who struggles in his relationship with his father, Daniel, Yves's son who adores his grandfather, and Gaby, Daniel's mother who is divorced from his father. The battles between fathers and sons seems to end with Walter's death.