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Adam Son of a Dog [אדם בן כלב]

An adaptation by Alexander Chervinsky: Adam Stein survived the Holocaust by playing a circus dog for the Nazi commander of a camp. He is now in a mental hospital in Israel, reliving his experiences. He was ordered not just to entertain the Nazi officers, but also the Jewish victims on their way to the gas chambers. He is ravaged by guilt for surviving, while his family died.

Adam’s Purim Party [מסיבת הפורים של אדם]

Holocaust survivors invite their relatives to a Purim party, where the survivors put on a play abut the miraculous survival of Jews in Ancient Persia; at the same time, they present stories of their camp experiences and their survival. Adam, one of the survivors, and who was a clown before the war, survived because he willingly served as the commandant’s dog.

The Jewish Dog

The Jewish Dog is an autobiography of Cyrus, a dog born in mid-1930s into the household of the German-Jewish family Gottlieb. Cyrus is a special dog, unusually sensitive to humans’ emotions and determined to fully comprehend human speech. The novel follows his life and contemplations while he’s making his way through Europe during World War II. Cyrus witnesses the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust, and all the love he knows comes from the Gottlieb family. A Nazi decree forces the family out of their home, and unfortunate events separate them from Cyrus.