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Anda [אנדה]

1961, the Eichmann trial is about to begin, and Nochi, a lawyer for the prosecution is still interviewing witnesses. He is driven by pure ethical considerations. He meets Anda, a nurse who survived Block 10 in Auschwitz (the women in this block were subjects of human experiments), and even kept a diary. But Nochi is confronted with government considerations—they do not want Anda to testify because Anda is from the "wrong" side of the political map (Anda was against Reparations, for example). Nochi risks his career and his relationship with his fiancée, Alona. Alona's father doesn’t like Nochi, mostly because of his past: Nochi came to Israel alone at the age of 8. He had to erase his European roots in order to fit in and make his way in society. But it is still not enough.