Tags: Heredity

A Double Helix

A Double Helix is a non-linear work elaborating the inescapability of heredity. It follows the protagonist through four of her formative years during WW II, 24 hours of her wedding day, and in real time as she prepares food. The plot moves through the intercutting of the dramatic action, with commentary on people as biological mechanisms. A five-year-old child becomes the vehicle for comprehending the unequivocal stupidity of humankind, the species that is quintessentially both victim and victimizer of itself. It can be seen as a collage, with the different stages of its main character's life presented simultaneously and refracted through the surrounding characters. The embryonic form of A Double Helix emerged at Studio Re-Cher-Chez for Avant-garde Art (a laboratory for new work established by Mabu Mines), evolved into a stage-worthy work, and was awarded the Artists Fellowship Award in Playwriting/Screenwriting from the New York Foundation for the Arts.