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Between Death and Life

The play depicts the moral dilemmas facing doctors in ghetto hospitals during the Holocaust. Jewish doctors in the hospital in the Ukrainian ghetto of Lwow (1941–43)—named by the Germans, Lemberg—plot their own death in a historic parallel to the heroic suicides by persecuted but resistant Jews in Roman times, and as a subterfuge to allow their patients to avoid deportation to a concentration camp and their sure deaths.

The Underground [במחתרת]

The third play in the Ghetto Vilna trilogy. During the Gulf war, an old man who was hit from the Iraqi attack arrives at a hospital. The young doctor who treats him finds a personal diary of a doctor who worked in Ghetto Vilna. The play is a flashback, and we see the underground secret hospital in the ghetto, with all the dilemmas that arise in such extreme circumstances: Who should get treatment? How to heal with very little supplies? What to do when an epidemic breaks out? And so on.