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Goldberg’s Kaddish

The central character is David Goldberg who is imprisoned in West Berlin in 1961, waiting to be tried for the murder of Erich Mauler, a former SS Officer and a prominent public figure in postwar Germany. While the play uses ironic comedy, the audience eventually learns, through flashbacks, of Goldberg's personal motives: his wife is a survivor who suffered intense brutality at the hands of the former Nazi and his colleagues.

Koralle Meier

Subtitled “An episode from the Third Reich,” Meier is a young widow who earns her living as a prostitute hoping to open up a vegetable shop. Compassionate, she lends money to a Jew who hopes to escape Germany and is arrested. She tries to denounce the corrupt mayor, who is having an illicit relationship with a Jewish woman. However, she is arrested again and executed.