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Piwnica [פיביניצה]

Yoel is a successful Israeli film-maker, on the brink of making it in Hollywood—his script about his father surviving the Second World War was purchased by a famous producer, and is about to become a TV series. On the first shooting day, his estranged father, who recently lost his wife, shows up in order to talk to his son, with whom he has lost touch since Yoel moved to America. The father comes to speak to his son about the manipulative film industry, which creates Holocaust films and uses them, cynically, to gain millions of dollars, while the industry itself is humiliating.

Shop [מכולת]

A family of survivors lives in a small apartment in Jaffa, with a small grocery shop attached to it: an old father, his two sons, one of them married with a son. They live a very poor and pathetic existence until they learn they are about to get a payment from Germany. They start to live it up in anticipation of the money they will get, hoping to finally be accepted into Israeli society: Aharal'e, the unmarried son, marries an old costumer of the shop. He hopes to use the money to break free from his family and write his great novel. Yossel, the second son, spends money on appliances, and in agreement with his wife, sells the shop in order to buy a new apartment in Bat Yam. Tanhum, Yossel's son, takes money from the cash register for the woman he loves who has a baby. Yossel and his wife want to put Dov, Yossel’s elderly father, into a home, but when the father hears about it he suffers a heart attack. Then it turns out the family loses their right to the money because of a false testimony of Dov in another claim. They lose their home and shop.

The Aching Heart of Samuel Kleinerman

Set in Berlin in 1936, with increasing anti-Semitic attacks against the Jewish population, a jeweler decides to steal the money that he has been entrusted with for his ill aunt. His moral quandary is heightened when the aunt’s son, a close friend and an escapee from a Nazi concentration camp, arrives in desperate need.

The Heir [היורש]

An Israeli steals the identity of a Jew murdered during the Holocaust as a means of illegally claiming reparation payments from the post-war German government. The play was controversial because of the questions it raised about the issue of reparations, which the Germans called "weidergutmachen" ("to make well again").