Tags: One Woman Play

The Summer of Aviya, Habima

This mostly autobiographical one-woman play starring famed Israeli actress follows Aviya, the ten-year old protagonist, as she comes home from a boarding school in the summer of 1951 to be with her mother in Petach Tikva. Aviya’s mother Henia is a Holocaust survivor and partisan heroine who is dealing with severe mental illness caused by her experiences during the war. Based on Almagor’s 1985 book, which was made into a play in 1988. The play is a production of the Israeli National Theater Company. Originally in Hebrew, the play highlights the difficult situation that many survivors went through after coming to Israel, along with the scars that stay with survivors and also affect their children. In 2003, Almagor starred in the play at Symphony Space in New York.

You Are the Future

Naomi Miller - a professional singer, actress, educator, and daughter of Holocaust survivors, produced and performs this musical multi-media program. Its purpose is not only to commemorate the Holocaust but also to challenge the next generations to fight against racism, bullying, and oppression. She portrays grandmother Katrina, who saved 25 Jewish children from the Nazis by hiding them on her farm outside of Paris. Throughout the program, she also portrays various other characters and sings songs dedicated to them, including her parents, a child survivor of Terezín, Otto Frank, and Abraham Sutzkever. A PowerPoint presentation enhances each song and story.