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Drawing Life

Drawing Life, a Jewish Music Institute (JMI) production, is inspired by a collection of poems and drawings made by children imprisoned in Terezín. Based on original poems and drawings of the camp inmates, the performance is a dramatized song cycle featuring archive film and survivor testimony.

What Survives is the Fire

What Survives is the Fire is a series of interconnected stories that explore the multigenerational effect of the Holocaust. The play features a cast of characters who transcribe, sing, and mythologize their memories of trauma and love.  The plot centers on two family lines, the Reznicks and the Singers. Jenya, the Singer matriarch, is a loving yet dominating force in her family, who insists they preserve her sordid and disparate recollections of the Holocaust.  In contrast, Arthur Reznick, a reluctant family man, struggles to forget his experience as a liberator of the concentration camp.