Tags: propaganda

Hanging Lord Haw-Haw

Pro-Nazi broadcaster William Joyce (known as Lord Haw-Haw by the British) is brought to vivid life in this imaginative depiction of his career and relationships. Beginning in his Brixton Jail cell where he is being held on trial for treason after WWII, we flash back in time to follow Joyce through the churning politics of 1930s London and on to the unlikely position of broadcasting Nazi propaganda to the Allies from a radio station in Berlin. A brisk, smart, disturbing, and often humorous portrayal of a complicated man.

Metronome Ticking

Metronome Ticking is a docudrama based on the memoirs of a Jewish Holocaust survivor and the letters of a German propaganda officer during World War II who hated “Jews, Catholics, and Negroes.” Performed by their two sons, Bob Spitz and Henrik Eger, who exchange roles halfway through. Set during the Third Reich, the drama is brutally honest, yet uplifting. The experiences of an Austrian Holocaust survivor, fleeing across Europe, collide with the conflicting conscience and actions of a young Third Reich war correspondent in occupied France.

The Story of Moichele

Written as a propagandistic drama to support Communism and to suggest that capitalism corrupts even those who were Holocaust victims, the play chronicles the travails of a Jewish Polish peasant during the Shoah, including his ghetto and concentration camp experiences. When the war ends, the survivor becomes a greedy businessman who must undergo rehabilitation in East Germany.

Way to Heaven

About the sham Jewish settlement at Theresienstadt, or Terezín, in what is now the Czech Republic, set up by the Nazis to persuade observers that Jews were held in humane conditions. A make-believe utopia, Theresienstadt (the German name) was an effective propaganda tool. In reality, it was a concentration camp, and a way station leading to Auschwitz and other death camps.