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A Guide to the Traveler in Warsaw [מדריך למטייל בוארשה]

Marga and her son Yossef, come to Warsaw in order to lay claim on a building in the center of the city, a building that belonged to Marga's family before the war. Yossef and his mother are in constant battle about everything, personal and historical. They get on each other's nerves. But in Warsaw, Marga changes her mind about the city that was at the center of her hatred for so many years, while Yossef meets Bina, an Israeli woman in Warsaw to complete her father's life work: documenting the Jewish communities in Poland in the past 200 years. They have a complicated romance, and the son and his mother reach their final clash.

Piano Fantasy [פנטזיה לפסנתר]

60-year-old Anna returns to the village in which she grew up in Poland. The village has financial problems it hopes to solve through Jewish tourism. The villagers fight over accommodating Anna. Anna is there to find her piano, the one she was playing with her mother when the Nazis came and took her. She wants her grandson to have the piano. She stays with an old couple and soon begins to suspect their house was her own childhood house. Helena, her hostess, never told her husband, the farmer, that the house is Jewish property, and fears Anna will not only take the piano but the house itself. The farmer confronts his wife after she kicks Anna out, and finds out the truth: Helena's parents worked for the Jews, and her mother told the Germans about Anna's family. When Helena's father saw the Jewish family on the train, he took the house. Anna shows them papers that prove the house is hers, but says she'll only take the piano. Helena refuses, being influenced by the village’s hatred of Jews. Anna tells her there is gold under the floor, and Helena and her husband tear down the house.