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Image and Likeness

Images and Likeness, a three act, 84 scene play that employs actors in multiple roles and masks, tells the story of Raoul Wallenberg, a Hungarian diplomat who attempted to save Jews during the Nazi occupation. Act I chronicles Holocaust life in Hungary. Act II focuses on Wallenberg's heroic actions until the arrival of the Soviets. Act III dramatizes Wallenberg being imprisoned by the Soviets and the thirty year attempt to explain his disappearance.

Wallenberg: A New Musical Drama

A musical that describes the worst times in human history and an amazing life story of a man who single-handedly saved the lives of a greater number of people than any other individual, organization, or government during the Holocaust. Raoul Wallenberg, a businessman from Stockholm, left the safety of neutral Sweden on an American-sponsored mission to Nazi-occupied Hungary. Within six months, he managed to save over 100,000 lives.