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A Guide to the Traveler in Warsaw [מדריך למטייל בוארשה]

Marga and her son Yossef, come to Warsaw in order to lay claim on a building in the center of the city, a building that belonged to Marga's family before the war. Yossef and his mother are in constant battle about everything, personal and historical. They get on each other's nerves. But in Warsaw, Marga changes her mind about the city that was at the center of her hatred for so many years, while Yossef meets Bina, an Israeli woman in Warsaw to complete her father's life work: documenting the Jewish communities in Poland in the past 200 years. They have a complicated romance, and the son and his mother reach their final clash.

I’m Speaking to You in Chinese (It’s All Greek to Me) [סינית אני מדברת אלייך]

Miri is a director and a mother of three, who returns to her childhood home so she can straighten things up in order to sell it. Walking down memory lane, she returns to her past and family. She deals yet again with her Holocaust surviving parents and a secret romance between her aunt and her father. A mysterious real estate agent helps her get over it all, make peace with her past, and find love.

This Beautiful Future

A romance involving a girl and a young Nazi soldier in Occupied France. It is August 1944, a critical point in World War II, but Elodie is smitten with Otto, and that overrides everything big and scary that the grown-ups have set in motion in the world. Otto is a Nazi, a member of the occupying force; Elodie pushes away her discomfort at that. She is too naïve to realize that her Jewish neighbors who were arrested will not be coming back, or that Otto — the kind of wide-eyed, easily led soldier who fanboys the strongman he calls “Mr. Hitler” — has shot local people dead.