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Forty Days at the Seashore [ארבעים יום על הים]

The play tells the story of Jewish refugees from Europe, coming after a very rough sea voyage to Palestine. They were caught in 1940 by British soldiers in Palestine, put aboard the ship "Patria" to be deported. The "Haganah" put a bomb on the ship in order to detain it, but the ship sank.

Passazhirka [The Passenger]

Set after WWII, a married German couple, Lisa and Walter, are traveling by ship from Europe to Brazil where the husband is taking a new diplomatic posting. The wife, Lisa, recognizes a Polish woman onboard the ship as a former inmate of Auschwitz whom she believed to be dead. Not knowing whether this woman is real or a hallucination, Lisa is forced to confess to her husband that she was a camp guard in Auschwitz, and the woman, Marta, was a prisoner she oversaw. The opera is set on two levels: the upper deck where Lisa and Walter are sailing, and the lower deck depicting the concentration camp.

Skipper Next to God

The play is based on the St. Louis affair, where a ship with Jews from Nazi Germany could not find safe haven anywhere and had to return, leading to the eventual deaths of those aboard. The play takes place in 1938 on the ship the Young Nelly, whose Dutch captain is bringing 146 Jews to South America. When they are not allowed to disembark in South America, the captain takes his ship to the United States where the Jews are also denied entry. Finally, he decides to sink his ship, with the hope that the Jews will be rescued, knowing that he is destroying his own career.

Stormy Ship [אניה סוערת]

The hardship of Jewish illegal immigrants, their struggle with the Nazis, the rough seas and the British mandate.