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Album Karl Hocker is an attempt to understand the historical catastrophe of Auschwitz from the perspective of the perpetrators. Using documentary theatre techniques, improvisation, research and scripted drama, the piece explores the all-too-human men and women who carried out the final solution. By reanimating the photographs, the audience is invited to bear witness to the ordinary daily lives of the workers, managers, and executives who ran the Auschwitz death factory.
Cast Size: 2F, 3M



Date and place of various productions: Malta Festival, Poznan (2015); Sopot Non-Fiction Festival (2015 & 2016); Interpretations Festival, Katowice (2015); The Tianjin Caoyu Festival, Tianjin and Harbin (2016); Chantiers D’ Europe Festival, Paris (2016); Festival de Liege (2017); theaterszene Europa Festival, Koln (2017)

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Original or Prominent Production: Instytut Teatralny, Warsaw (January 2015)
Original Source Material: Album of photographs of the Auschwitz concentration camp that belonged to an SS officer named Karl Höcker
Original Language: Polish
English Language Translator: Paul Bargetto, Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszcz
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Paul Bargetto,

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