Experience Chronicled : Allegoric or Metaphoric Representations

Adam Son of a Dog [אדם בן כלב]

Adam’s Purim Party [מסיבת הפורים של אדם]


And Our Ashes Will Be Scattered By the Wind…

And the Rat Laughed [צחוק של עכברוש]


Arbeit macht frei vom Toitland Europa [ארבייט מאכט פריי]

Ashes to Ashes

Cabaret in Captivity

Cathedral of Ice

Charlotte: Life? or Theatre?

Chronicles of a Provisional Planet [Chronique d’une planet provisoire]

Come My Beloved [לכה דודי]

Displaced Wedding [Di khasene in fernvald]

Dr. Korczak and His Children [Korczak und die Kinder]

Eight Nights

Eli: A Mystery Play of the Sufferings of Israel [Eli: Ein Mysterienspiel vom Leiden Israels]

Entangled Memories Remembering the Holocaust in a Global Age

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich

Hametz [חמץ]

Hannibal [חניבעל]

Happiness of Man [אושרו של אדם]

Harlequin in the Ghetto

Have We Found Anne Frank? A Critical Analysis of Theater Amsterdam’s Anne, Contemporary Approaches to Adaptation in Theatre

Hitler Has a Vision

In the Main Headquarters [במצבאה הראשית]


Kiddush HaShem [קידוש השם]

Les Chants d’amour des alphabets d’Auschwitz

Les Sept possibilités du train 713 en partance d’Auschwitz

Light Falling Down



Momik [מומיק]

Murmurs and Incantations

Muse of Fire

Night Fences [גדרי לילה]

Night Words: A Midrash on the Holocaust

Only the Stars Have Been this Close [רק הכוכבים היו קרובים כל כך]

Refidim Junction


Requiem in Terezin [ראקוויאם בגטו]

Shulem [שולם]

Sotto Voce

The Announcement [הבשורה]

The Attic Room

The Black Horror [האימה השחורה]

The Burning Season [העונה הבוערת]

The Captain of Köpenick

The Child Dreams [הילד חולם]

The Damned

The Education of Hershl Grynszpan

The Emperor of Atlantis

The Escape Act – A Holocaust Memoir

The False Witness: Trial of Adolf Hitler

The Glamour House

The Inventor

The Ladies’ Tailor of Babi Yar

The Last Cyclist

The Last of Hitler

The Last Rat of The Theresienstadt

The Man From There [האיש משם]

The Messiahs [Les Messies ou le mal de terre]

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

The Second Life of Tatenberg Camp [La Seconde existence du camp de Tatenberg]

The Storm: Tragedy of Sinai

The Third Wave

This Beautiful Future

Tropical Secrets: Holocaust Refugees in Cuba

Tscherly KaTscherly [צ’ארלי קאצ’רלי]


Visions of Right

We Will Never Die

What Survives is the Fire

Wings [כנפיים]

Winter Feast [חגיגת חורף]