Experience Chronicled : Concentration and Extermination Camps

A Double Helix

A Flag Is Born

A Hundred Times Better to Be a Child

A Lesson from Auschwitz

A Shayna Maidel

A Thing of Beauty

A Twentieth Century Passion

Adam Son of a Dog [אדם בן כלב]

Adam’s Purim Party [מסיבת הפורים של אדם]

Adam’s Daughter


An Uncertain Hour

Analogy/Dora: Tramontane

And Then They Came for Me


Anne & Emmett

Anne Frank and Me


Ashes to Ashes

At the Wire’s Edge

Auschwitz and After

Auschwitz Lullaby

Auschwitz Oratorio

Bells and Trains [פעמונים ורכבות]

Benghazi Bergen-Belsen


Better Don’t Talk!

Between Death and Life

Black Sand

Blue Light

Brigitte Berger


Butterflies No Longer Live Here

Camp Comedy

Can You Hear Them Crying?

Candle in the Wind

Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte: Life? or Theater?

Charlotte: Life? or Theatre?

Coming to See Aunt Sophie


Consequences: The Trial of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Contact with the Enemy

Cooking with the Mouth

Courage Untold

Crawling from the Wreckage [Et toi, comment as-tu fait?]



Dear Esther

Death/Play, or the Mad Jester of the Warsaw Ghetto

Der Polenweiher

Dialogs: A Father and His Son; A Mother and Her Daughter; A Man and His Little Sister

Die Kinder der toten Stadt – Musikdrama gegen das Vergessen

Displaced Wedding [Di khasene in fernvald]

Distant Survivors

Dr. Korczak and His Children [Korczak und die Kinder]

Drawing Life

Dreams of Beating Time

Edith Stein


Everyone Had Six Wings [שש כנפיים לאחד]


Filler Up!

Five [חמש]

For a Look or a Touch

For the Love of Bondi

Fragile Fire: The Story of Mordechai and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Fragments of Isabella


From Auschwitz to Cincinnati: the Surviving Tunes

From Man, to Beast, to Crawling Thing

From Silence

Gas [גזים]


Golgotha [גולגולתא]

Hannibal [חניבעל]

Harlequin in the Ghetto

Hitler on the Roof

How Goes the World, Mister? It Turns, Mister! [Comment va le monde, môssieu! Il tourne, môssieu!]

I Believe in the Coming of the Messiah [אני מאמין בביאת המשיח]

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

If This Is a Man (Se questo è un uomo: versionne drammatica)

In Quest of Conscience

In the Underworld

In the Vise of Evils

Incident at Vichy


Jacob Comes Home




Kapo in Jerusalem [קאפו בירושלים]


Kolbe’s Gift

Kolbe: A Saint in Auschwitz

Koralle Meier

Korczak and the Children

Korczak’s Children

Kurt the God [Il Dio Kurt]

Last Days of a Translator


Les Chants d’amour des alphabets d’Auschwitz

Les Sept possibilités du train 713 en partance d’Auschwitz

Letters from a Troubled Past

Letters From Prague

Letters to Eve

Light Falling Down

Lotte’s Journey




Metronome Ticking

Mister Fugue, or Earth Sick [Monsieur Fugue, ou le mal de terre]

Mr. M

Muse of Fire

My Dear Girl

My Mother’s Courage [Mutters Courage]

New Year’s Eve in the Oederan Slave Labor Camps

Night Fences [גדרי לילה]

Nivelli’s War

Old Wicked Songs

Our Diamond

Passazhirka [The Passenger]

Passenger in Cabin 45 [[Pasażerka z kabiny 45]

Playing for Time

Playing for Time [תזמורת על תנאי]


Prize Winner

Punch Me in the Stomach



Ravensbrücker Ballade

Religion and Anarchy



Requiem in Terezin [ראקוויאם בגטו]

Resort 76

Roses in a Forbidden Garden



SB6 (Scraps of Life from the Plate of Death)

Schum Schum

See Under: Love [עייך ערך אהבה]

Shadows of the Holocaust


Signs of Life—A Holocaust Drama with Music


Sophie’s Choice

Still the Night



Sweet Theresienstadt [Sladký Theresienstadt: Vůdce daroval Židům město]

Talking with Angels: Budapest, 1943



Testimonies of the Holocaust: A Dark Operatic Drama

The Aching Heart of Samuel Kleinerman

The Action Against Sol Schumann

The Beautiful Days of My Youth

The Book of Ruth

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The Bureaucrat

The Camp

The Cancelled Sky

The Cannibals [Die Kannibalen]

The Chosen Ones

The Court Jesters [ליצני החצר]

The Deliverance of Jacob

The Deputy [Der Stellvertreter]

The Devoured

The Emperor of Atlantis

The Empty Field [Puste Pole]

The Final Solution

The Girl on the Other Side of the Fence

The Good and the True

The Grey Zone

The History of Invulnerability

The Infant Rat [L’Enfant-rat]

The Investigation [Die Ermittlung]

The Jewish Dog

The Kid from “There”

The Last Boy

The Last Cyclist

The Last Golem Show [הצגת הגולם האחרונה]

The Last Rat of The Theresienstadt

The Lilliput Troupe: A Play in Seven Dwarfs

The Men [Les Hommes]

The Messiahs [Les Messies ou le mal de terre]

The Miracle

The Mitzvah

The Model Ghetto

The Modern Nativity Play

The Nameless Man [אדם בלי שם]

The Phoenix Cantata

The Pit

The Soldier and the Time Traveler

The Spirit of Life

The Spoken and the Unspoken

The Star on My Heart

The Story of Moichele

The Survivor and the Translator

The Tall Boy

The Terezín Promise

The Theatre of Peretz

The Timekeepers

The Visitor

The Wartime Diary of Edmund Kessler

There Is No Sun in Ravensbrück [Não há Sol em Ravensbrück]

Thin Edge of The Wedge

Through the Darkness

Time with Corrie ten Boom

Traces in the Wind

Tracing Topographies: Revisiting the Concentration Camps Seventy Years after the Liberation of Auschwitz


Two Charlottes [Dos Charlottes]

Un Opera pour Terezín

Une opérette à Ravensbrück: Le Verfügbar aux Enfers

Untitled play performed at Bolkenhain Concentration Camp

Vienna, Love


Visions of Right

Way to Heaven

What Does Peace Mean?

Who Will Carry the Word? [Qui rapportera ces paroles?]

Why We Laugh: A Terezín Cabaret


Woman in the Moon

Women at work—Käthe Leichter and Marie Jahoda

Yom Kippur

You, Fascinating You

Z: A Meditation on Oppression, Desire and Freedom