Experience Chronicled : The Ghettos

A Miracle in the Warsaw Ghetto [Der nes in geto]

A Star on a String [Gwiazdy na Nitce]

Adam [אדם]

Alissa Through the Glass and Into Terezin

And a Child Shall Lead


Better Don’t Talk!

Between Death and Life

Bird of the Ghetto [Der foygl fun geto]

Butterflies No Longer Live Here

Camp Comedy

Can You Hear Them Crying?

Charlotte: Life? or Theatre?

Children of the Night

Collaborators [משתפי פעולה]

Come My Beloved [לכה דודי]

Coming to See Aunt Sophie

Dead-end Street [רחוב ללא מוצא]

Die Kinder der toten Stadt – Musikdrama gegen das Vergessen

Dr. Korczak and His Children [Korczak und die Kinder]

Dr. Korczak’s Example

Dr. Yanush Korczak

Dreams of Beating Time


Embers [El Rescoldo]

Embers from the Ashes: A Girl’s Holocaust Diary

For a Look or a Touch

Fragile Fire: The Story of Mordechai and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Ghetto [גטו]

Ghetto à Varsovie

Ghetto Tango

Harlequin in the Ghetto

I Believe in the Coming of the Messiah [אני מאמין בביאת המשיח]

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Imagine This

In the Vise of Evils

Janusz Korczak [יאנוש קורצ’ק]



Kastner [קסטנר]

King Matt in the Ghetto [המלך מתיא בגטו]

King of the Jews

Korczak and the Children

Korczak’s Children

Korczak’s Children

Last Witnesses [Die Letzten Zeugen]

Laugh with Us

Life in a Jar

Light Falling Down

Live News

Looking for a Specter

Love Looks for an Apartment


Mother, Mother Can You Hear?

Mr. M

Next Year in Jerusalem

Nine Suitcases

On the Other Side of the World

Once Upon a Time [Il était une fois]


Prince Bettliegend (songs from the play)


Radio Show

Raising the Flag of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising [נס המרד בגיטו ורשה]


Resort 76

Resort 76

Rise Up: Young Holocaust Heroes



Shadows of the Holocaust


Signs of Life—A Holocaust Drama with Music

Silent Witnesses

Six in a Bunker [שישה בבונקר אחד]



Sweet Theresienstadt [Sladký Theresienstadt: Vůdce daroval Židům město]

Taken Generation


The Attic Room

The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto

The Best Worst Place

The Cave

The Children’s Republic

The Death of Orpheus

The Dybbuk

The Emigration of Adam Kurtzik

The Eternal Light

The Final Bill [Der Kheshbn]

The Good and the True

The Hofer Cabarets

The Insult

The Kid from “There”

The Ladies’ Tailor of Babi Yar

The Model Ghetto

The Obligation

The Pangs of the Messiah

The Promised Land

The Rebellion at the Ghetto

The Smoke of Home

The Storm: Tragedy of Sinai

The Story of Moichele

The Strauss Cabarets

The Stroop Report

The Survivor

The Treasure

The Underground [במחתרת]

The Wall

The Wardrobe

The Wartime Diary of Edmund Kessler

They Rebelled [הם מרדו]

Thin Edge of The Wedge

Throne of Straw

Through the Darkness

To Paint the Earth

To Steal a March on God

Un Opera pour Terezín

Under the Apple Tree


Waiting For Father

Warriors of the Ghettos


Way to Heaven

We Are Witnesses

Who Was This Man

Why We Laugh: A Terezín Cabaret

Wild Beasts Among You