Experience Chronicled : Women and the Holocaust

A Stitch in Time

An American in Paris

Analogy/Dora: Tramontane

Anda [אנדה]

Angel in the Night

Aunt Lily’s Doll

Auschwitz and After

Auschwitz Oratorio


Benghazi Bergen-Belsen

Better Don’t Talk!

Beyond Me: A Song Cycle in the Key of Survival

Blonde Poison

Brass Birds Don’t Sing

Brigitte Berger




Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte: Life? or Theater?

Charlotte: Life? or Theatre?

Claude & Marcel

Compulsion or The House Behind

Cooking with the Mouth

Crawling from the Wreckage [Et toi, comment as-tu fait?]

Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

Dear Anne Frank: Diaries From Behind Bars

Dialogs: A Father and His Son; A Mother and Her Daughter; A Man and His Little Sister

Diary of Anne Frank

Dietrich & Chevalier: The Musical


Dr. Ruth, All the Way

Eavesdropping on Dreams


Five [חמש]

For As Long As The Lamp Is Burning

Fragments of Isabella


Freja: The Cold Goddess of Love

From Silence

Goodbye Marianne

Goodbye Memories

Hanna’s Treasure Box [La Boite aux Trésors d’Hanna]


Hannah’s Road [דרכה של חנה]

Hanneke and Fiet

He Walked through the Fields [הוא הלך בשדות]

Heart’s Command

Hiding in the Open

Hitler’s Tasters

Hitler’s Li’l Abomination

I Am a Camera

I Believe in the Coming of the Messiah [אני מאמין בביאת המשיח]

I Claudio [אני קלאודיו]

I Want the Whole World to See that I Can Cry

I Was A Stranger Too

In the Underworld



Kalavrita des mille Antigone

Kindness: A Legacy of the Holocaust

La Ragazza di Dachau

Leah’s Train

Light Falling Down

Lotte’s Journey

Love in Dark Times



Mendelssohn Does Not Live Here Anymore

Metronome Ticking

Moje holka, moje holka [My Girl, My Girl]

Mother, Mother Can You Hear?

New Account

New Year’s Eve in the Oederan Slave Labor Camps

Next Year in Jerusalem

Night Fences [גדרי לילה]

No Packages

Olga’s Room

On the Other Side of the World

Our Diamond



Passenger in Cabin 45 [[Pasażerka z kabiny 45]

Playing for Time

Playing for Time [תזמורת על תנאי]


Ravensbrücker Ballade


Requiem in Terezin [ראקוויאם בגטו]

Rise Up: Young Holocaust Heroes

Rosa & Leo

Roses in a Forbidden Garden


Schum Schum

She Wasn’t There [היא לא הייתה כאן]

Silent Witnesses


Smoking Firebrands [אודים עשנים]

Sophie’s Choice


Taken Generation

Tatyana Markus: Hero of Ukraine


Testimonies of the Holocaust: A Dark Operatic Drama

The Actors Rehearse the Story of Charlotte Salomon

The Beautiful Days of My Youth

The Best Worst Place

The Book of Ruth

The Cancelled Sky

The Dead Bride [הכלה המתה]

The Girl on the Other Side of the Fence

The Glass Room

The Inventor

The Ladies’ Tailor of Babi Yar

The Last Survivor

The Men [Les Hommes]

The Miracle

The Obligation

The People in the Picture

The Phoenix Cantata

The Revisionist

The Secret Annex

The Soldier and the Time Traveler

The Spark, Hannah Senesh

The Sparks Fly Upward

The Spoken and the Unspoken

The Star on My Heart

The Stroop Report

The Tall Boy

The Violins of Autumn

The Wardrobe

There Is No Sun in Ravensbrück [Não há Sol em Ravensbrück]


Through the Darkness

Time with Corrie ten Boom

To Paint the Earth

Tonight: Lola Blau

Traces in the Wind

Two Charlottes [Dos Charlottes]

Une opérette à Ravensbrück: Le Verfügbar aux Enfers

Untitled play performed at Bolkenhain Concentration Camp

Unwrapped Gifts




Visions of Right

Waiting For Father


We Will Not Be Silent

What She Left

What Survives is the Fire

Who Will Carry the Word? [Qui rapportera ces paroles?]

Why Didn’t You Come before the War?

Wild Beasts Among You

Wings [כנפיים]

Woman in the Moon

Women at work—Käthe Leichter and Marie Jahoda

Women, Theater, and the Holocaust Resource Handbook

Women, Theater, and the Holocaust Resource Handbook, Fourth Edition

You Are the Future

You, Fascinating You