Experience Chronicled : Hiding

All the Tricks but One [Le Temps des muets]

And Then They Came for Me

Angel in the Night


Anne & Emmett

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl


Behind a Closed Window

Blonde Poison

Brigitte Berger

Bubby’s Kitchen


Charlotte Salomon

Chocolate Horses [סוסי שוקולדה]

Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

Diary of Anne Frank

Diary of Anne Frank

Dreams of Anne Frank

For a Look or a Touch

For the Love of Bondi

Full Circle


Goodbye Marianne

Goodbye Memories


Hanneke and Fiet

Hiding in the Open

I Am Anne Frank

I Claudio [אני קלאודיו]

Irena’s Vow

Kingfishers Catch Fire

Lady of the Castle [בעלת הארמון]

Lady of the Castle—A Chamber Opera

Last Witnesses [Die Letzten Zeugen]

Light Falling Down

Lost Childhood

Love in Dark Times

Metronome Ticking

Mezhirichi [‘מזריץ]

My Dear Girl

My Name Is Sara

Nivelli’s War

Nobody’s Little Girl Anymore [כבר לא ילדה של אף אחד]

Number the Stars


Piwnica [פיביניצה]

Remember My Name

Rescuers Speaking



Silent Witnesses

Six in a Bunker [שישה בבונקר אחד]

Sonia Mushkat [סוניה מושקט]

Storms Still [Toujours l’orage]


Taken Generation

The Day of Wrath

The Dead Bride [הכלה המתה]

The Deputy [Der Stellvertreter]

The Diary

The Education of Hershl Grynszpan

The Escape Act – A Holocaust Memoir

The Flight into Egypt

The Free Zone

The Idealist

The Lucky Star

The Man in the Attic

The Promised Land

The Puppetmaster of Lodz [Le Marionnettiste de Lodz]

The Secret Annex

The Secret Window

The Singer of Shanghai, Radio Play

The Sparks Fly Upward

The Village, an Opera in Two Acts

The Wardrobe

The Wartime Diary of Edmund Kessler

Thin Edge of The Wedge

Through the Darkness

Time with Corrie ten Boom

Under the Apple Tree


What She Left

What Survives is the Fire

Wild Beasts Among You

Woman in the Moon

You Are the Future

Yours, Anne