Experience Chronicled : Survivors and Subsequent Generations

A New Reckoning [חשבון חדש]

A Shayna Maidel

A Splintered Soul

A Star on a String [Gwiazdy na Nitce]

A Twentieth Century Passion

Adam Son of a Dog [אדם בן כלב]

Adam’s Purim Party [מסיבת הפורים של אדם]

Adam’s Daughter

Address Unknown

Aliyah Bet [‘עלייה ב]

An American in Paris

An Angel from Auschwitz

An Uncertain Hour

Analogy/Dora: Tramontane

And Our Ashes Will Be Scattered By the Wind…

And the Rat Laughed [צחוק של עכברוש]

Anda [אנדה]

Andy and the Shadows

Angel: A Nightmare in Two Acts

Anne Frank Lives!

Annula: An Autobiography

Arbeit macht frei vom Toitland Europa [ארבייט מאכט פריי]


Aunt Lily’s Doll

Auschwitz and After

Aviya’s Summer [הקיץ של אביה]

Avramale, the Boy from There

Bad Jews

Before She Is Even Born

Bells and Trains [פעמונים ורכבות]

Better Don’t Talk!

Beyond Me: A Song Cycle in the Key of Survival

Biebow [ביבוף]

Black Sand

Blue Light

Born Guilty

Brass Birds Don’t Sing

Brigitte Berger


Bubby’s Kitchen



Chaim [חיים]

Chaim’s Love Song

Children of the Shadows [ילדי הצל]

Chiune Sugihara: Unsung Hero of the Holocaust

Chocolate Horses [סוסי שוקולדה]

Cloudburst [שבר ענן]

Cold Storage

Compulsion or The House Behind

Consequences: The Trial of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Conversations with the Executioner

Cooking with the Mouth

Crawling from the Wreckage [Et toi, comment as-tu fait?]


Dance of Joy and Sorrow


Date of Death



Dialogs: A Father and His Son; A Mother and Her Daughter; A Man and His Little Sister

Die Kinder der toten Stadt – Musikdrama gegen das Vergessen

Distant Survivors

Dr. Ruth, All the Way

Dreams [Träume]

East of Berlin

Eavesdropping on Dreams


Eiche und Angora

Eight Nights


Elka’s Gold [הזהב של אלקה]

Embers from the Ashes: A Girl’s Holocaust Diary

Eve of Retirement [Von dem Ruhestand]

Everyone Had Six Wings [שש כנפיים לאחד]


Filler Up!

Fish Men

Five [חמש]

For a Look or a Touch

For As Long As The Lamp Is Burning

For the Love of a Leica

For This Moment Alone

Fragments of Isabella

Freja: The Cold Goddess of Love

From Auschwitz to Cincinnati: the Surviving Tunes

From Man, to Beast, to Crawling Thing

From Silence

Full Circle


Ghetto [גטו]


Goldberg’s Kaddish

Golgotha [גולגולתא]

Goodbye Marianne

Hametz [חמץ]

Hanna’s Treasure Box [La Boite aux Trésors d’Hanna]

Hanneke and Fiet

Harlequin in the Ghetto

Hasid: A Play in Seven Scenes

He Walked through the Fields [הוא הלך בשדות]



Here There Are Blueberries

Hi, Hitler

Hiding in the Open

Hitler’s Li’l Abomination

Hitler’s Victims

How We Survived

I Love You, I Love You Not

I Want the Whole World to See that I Can Cry

I Was A Stranger Too

I Will Bear Witness: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer

I’m Speaking to You in Chinese (It’s All Greek to Me) [סינית אני מדברת אלייך]

If I Forget

If This Is a Man (Se questo è un uomo: versionne drammatica)

Imagining Heschel

In the Vise of Evils


Jim the Lionhearted [Jim le téméraire]


Kalavrita des mille Antigone

Kiddush [קידוש]


Kindness: A Legacy of the Holocaust

Kolbe’s Gift

La Ragazza di Dachau

Lady of the Castle [בעלת הארמון]

Last Days of a Translator

Last Witnesses [Die Letzten Zeugen]

Leah’s Train


Les Chants d’amour des alphabets d’Auschwitz

Les Sept possibilités du train 713 en partance d’Auschwitz

Les Specialités d’Albertine

Letters to an Alien

Letters to Sala

Life in a Jar

Light Falling Down

Long After Crystal Night

Lost Childhood

Love and Exile

Love in Dark Times

Mandate Memories


Me-afelah le’or Gadol



Metronome Ticking

Momik [מומיק]

Morgenstern in Vienna

Mother, Mother Can You Hear?

Mr. M

Murmurs and Incantations

My Dear Girl

New Account

Next Year in Jerusalem

Night and Fog

Night Fences [גדרי לילה]

Nobody’s Little Girl Anymore [כבר לא ילדה של אף אחד]

Not Because of the Memories [לא בגלל הזכרונות]

Old Wicked Songs

On Lambs and Wolves [על שיות וזאבים]

On the Other Side of the World

One of the Group [אחד מהחבר’ה]

One Simple Digit


Passazhirka [The Passenger]

Passenger in Cabin 45 [[Pasażerka z kabiny 45]

Pearlman, Provider, Purveyor of Light


Photo Opportunity

Piano Fantasy [פנטזיה לפסנתר]

Piwnica [פיביניצה]

Punch Me in the Stomach

Remember This: The Lesson Jan Karski



Rise Up: Young Holocaust Heroes

Room for Doubt

Rosa & Leo


Rosenbaum’s Rescue

Roses in a Forbidden Garden


Scene in Memory

Second Hand Smoke

See Under: Love [עייך ערך אהבה]

She Wasn’t There [היא לא הייתה כאן]

Shop [מכולת]

Shulem [שולם]



Sophie’s Choice

Still the Night

Storms Still [Toujours l’orage]

Stormy Ship [אניה סוערת]



Surviving Mama


Tales from Landshut

Testimonies of the Holocaust: A Dark Operatic Drama

The Action Against Sol Schumann

The American Plan

The Announcement [הבשורה]

The Book of Joseph

The Burning Season [העונה הבוערת]

The Cannibals [Die Kannibalen]

The Ceremony

The Court Jesters [ליצני החצר]

The Dead Bride [הכלה המתה]

The Deliverance of Jacob

The Dentist

The Devoured

The Empty Field [Puste Pole]

The Flame Keeper

The Gathering

The Glass Room

The Goldman Project

The Golem of Havana

The Good and the True

The Grand Tour

The Heir [היורש]

The Holocaust Kid

The Infant Rat [L’Enfant-rat]

The Interview

The Invasion of Skokie

The Inventor

The Investigation [Die Ermittlung]

The Kid from “There”

The Last Boy

The Last Jew [היהודי האחרון]

The Last Survivor

The Lilliput Troupe: A Play in Seven Dwarfs

The Man From There [האיש משם]

The Milliner

The Model Apartment

The Nameless Man [אדם בלי שם]

The People in the Picture

The People’s Violin

The Phoenix Cantata

The Pianist of Willesden Lane

The Puppetmaster of Lodz [Le Marionnettiste de Lodz]

The Quarrel

The Retributionists

The Reunion [החזרה]

The Revisionist

The Second Life of Tatenberg Camp [La Seconde existence du camp de Tatenberg]

The Secret Annex

The Singer of Shanghai, Radio Play

The Soap Myth

The Soldier and the Time Traveler

The Sparks Fly Upward

The Spirit of Life

The Spoken and the Unspoken

The Star on My Heart

The Story of Moichele

The Substance of Fire

The Summer of Aviya, Habima

The Survivor

The Survivor and the Translator

The Survivors: Six One-Act Dramas

The Table

The Tattooed Man Tells All

The Terezín Promise

The Tin Ring

The War Orphans

The Warsaw Productions

The Wartime Diary of Edmund Kessler

The Workroom [L’Atelier]

The World of Stone

Three Kinds of Exile (Act 1)

Through the Darkness

Tikkun Olam

To Forget, to Remember

To Steal a March on God

Tonight: Lola Blau

Traces in the Wind


Two Charlottes [Dos Charlottes]

Tykocin Bat-Yam [טיקוצ’ין בת ים]

Uncle Arthur [הדוד ארתור]

Under the Domim Tree [עץ הדומים תפוס]

Unfinished Stories


Untitled play performed at Bolkenhain Concentration Camp


Vienna, Love

Violences à Vichy

Voices of the Holocaust — Voices of the Resistance

Waiting For Father

Waiting for Godot


Weisman and Copperface [Weisman und Rotgesicht: ein jüdischer Western]

What Does Peace Mean?

What Survives is the Fire

Who Will Carry the Word? [Qui rapportera ces paroles?]