Aviya’s Summer [הקיץ של אביה]


The play is set in the first years of the State of Israel. 10-year-old Aviya is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, a single mother, who is mentally wounded from the trauma of the camps. Aviya lives in a special institute since her mother can't take care of her. During the summer vacation, Aviya stays with her mother, but it turns out to be the most difficult summer for the child because her mother has nightmares and mental breakdowns. The neighbors can't and won't understand the mother's distress, and are hard on both the child and her mother. Aviya is desperately looking for her father, and a lot of her problems arise from this hopeless search. But at the end of the summer, Aviya comes out stronger and better, while her mother is hospitalized.
Format: Mono-drama, youth play
Cast Size: 1F


Original or Prominent Production: Habima, 1996
Original Source Material: Based on the youth novel The Summer of Aviya by Gila Almagor, 1985
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew

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