Biebow [ביבוף]


In 1968, in Tel Aviv, Itsik, the son of two Holocaust survivors, Mendel and Nehama, is hospitalized in a mental institute after trying to burn down his parents' house. Itsik thinks that he is Biebow, the commandant of Lodge Ghetto. He dresses in uniforms and treats the doctor as a Jew. His parents and his uncle, Noah, want him back home, despite his delusion. Biebow (Itsik) addresses Noah as the head of the Judenrat, and asks him for Sarah Zilberg. Itsik accuses Noah of the death of Sarah. After Biebow tries to kill his parents, the truth is revealed: Sarah was Mendel's wife, and Noah told him that she and their daughter were killed. Later he introduced him to his sister Nehama. But Sarah survived, and lived alone in Israel. Noah told her Mendel is dead. Itsik discovered everything, and met with her. After she died, Itsik went crazy. The doctor dresses up as a Nazi officer, relieving Biebow of his duty, and freeing Itsik.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 4M/1F


Original or Prominent Production: Habimah, 1986
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew

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