Brother Eichmann [Brüder Eichmann]


A docudrama based on the interview of Adolf Eichmann, the administrator of the Final Solution, by his Israeli interrogator. While the play focuses on Eichmann and how an average man became the perpetrator of genocide, Kipphardt also includes scenes depicting other acts of political oppression from World War II until 1982, including Hiroshima, Vietnam, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Format: Docudrama
Cast Size: 3F/5M



See Robert Skloot, The Darkness We Carry: The Drama of the Holocaust (Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 1988) pp. 110–113.

Original or Prominent Production: Premiere of Brüder Eichmann took place at the Deutsches Theater, Berlin on April 19, 1984. The English language premiere of Bother Eichmann was staged at the Library Theatre, Manchester, U.K. on November 1, 1990.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: German
English Language Translator: Andri Haller

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