Ma is the only survivor in her family of the Holocaust. Her daughter, mostly assimilated, learns of her mother's struggle and survivor guilt, as she survives a cancer diagnosis and her own survivor guilt. Not your typical Jewish mother-daughter tale, this play starts comfortably familiar then accelerates from zero to sixty taking on serious themes (war, illness, childbirth, family, faith, history) before you have a chance to recover from your tears or last laugh. These two women are, at their core, bonded inextricably. Their relationship? Anything but a “cakewalk.”
Format: Full length drama
Cast Size: 2F
Character breakdown

Ma (Sprintze), mother (75–85)
Barrie (Bersahla), daughter (35–45)


Original or Prominent Production: Main Street Theater, Houston, Texas as part of the Main Stage Season, October 29–November 27, 2012. Cakewalk was also produced as a staged reading as part of the NY Chapter of the Television Academy's play reading series hosted by Arlene Dahl in 2004, and at the Manhattan Theatre in 2005. The play was also named a second place winner in the eighth national readers theatre playwrighting competition of The Open Book.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Nalsey Tinberg