Conversations with the Executioner


Based on a true story, Kazimiercz Moczarski, a Polish journalist who was a leader in the Polish Home Army, which resisted the Nazi occupation, is incarcerated as a collaborator by the postwar Communists. He is ironically imprisoned in the same cell as the SS General Jurgen Von Stroop, who was responsible for the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto and a Nazi leader the journalist had tried to assassinate. Their interaction in that prison cell are at the core of the drama.
Format: Drama


Original or Prominent Production: Premiered in 1977; Upstream Theater Venue: Kranzberg Arts Center, St. Louis, 2012.
Original Source Material: Based on Kazimierz Moczarski's memoir of the same name.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Polish
English Language Translator: Earl Ostroff and Daniel Gerould

New York: CASTA Publications, 1983

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