Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank


Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank, which translates into English as The Diary of Anne Frank, by Russian composer Grigory Frid, is a monologue-opera in two acts (21 brief scenes) for soprano and chamber orchestra. The 13-year-old Anne Frank is hiding with her family in a house in Amsterdam. In her diary she describes her life in hiding—her emotions, the people around her, the small pleasures in her life, as well as her fears. The opera provides a rich and varied portrait of Anne and the people around her.
Format: Opera
Running time: 1 hour


Original or Prominent Production: First performed at the All-Union House of Composers in Moscow, May 1972. Performed at Congregation Moreshet Yisrael in Jerusalem, April 2014.
Original Source Material: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
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