The Diary

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The Diary tells the story of the life of Anne Frank as seen through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl, also named Anne, who lives in the present day. The stories of both Anne Frank and Present Day Anne are portrayed in scenes and songs. Present Day Anne learns of how Anne Frank and her family lived in hiding for 25 months; she is astonished at how similar the two girls are, and is saddened to realize that in her present-day world, bigotry and hatred still exists. While Anne Frank’s story comes to a sad end, the retelling of her life offers hope for a peaceful future.
Format: Musical


Original or Prominent Production: Staged reading at the Falcon Theatre, Burbank. A portion of the musical was also chosen for a presentation at the 2012 Association for Jewish Theatre conference in Los Angeles.
Original Source Material: Anne Frank's diary
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Original Language: English
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Lloyd Cooper and Barbara Matteson Cooper

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