Disney in Deutschland


The play imagines what Walt Disney and Adolf Hitler would have discussed in August, 1935, when Disney is said to have visited Munich (and welcomed by the Nazi Press as "the great white hope against the Jews of Hollywood." Disney was known for attending Nazi bund rallies in LA and NY in the 1930. Like his friend, Henry Ford, he was admired as an entrepreneur able to mobilize workers very effectively. Ford's assembly line ideas were copied in the Krupp and other slave-labour factories in Germany.
Format: A full-length one-act drama
Cast Size: 4M/2F
Running time: 1.5–2 hours
Character breakdown

Adolf Hitler
Walt Disney
Josef Goebbels
Magda Goebbels


Original or Prominent Production: New People Theatre, San Francisco—original version.
Original Source Material: Various historical data.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English

Published in Off The Wall Plays 2003.


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John J. Powers retains all rights.

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