The play tells the true story of a well-to-do Jewish family headed by matriarch Margaret Welish. Fleeing Nazi persecution, Margaret took her family from Austria to the Philippines, only to have their life ripped apart again by the Japanese invasion. Using Margaret's 1981 diary and oral histories from her daughters, Infinite Variety Productions created a script showing that power and corruption can break apart an entire community, but love, family, and tradition can build a home anywhere. Performed at the Under St. Marks Theater, April–May 2019.
Format: Full Length Drama


Original or Prominent Production: Infinite Variety Productions.Under St. Marks Place 94 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10009, May 2019
Original Source Material: 1981 diary and oral history of Margaret Welish from her daughters.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Ashley Adelman and Infinite Variety Productions 

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