The Emigration of Adam Kurtzik


Adam Kutzik, the head of the Jewish Council in a ghetto, is presented as a bungling, ineffective figure. In Act I, in 1939, he interacts with three different Nazi bureaucrats, played by the same two actors, causing comic confusion of identity. The second act of the play, set three years later and which begins with an ironic cabaret performance, is a more tragic representation of the ghetto world, with Kurtzik, trying and failing both to warn the inhabitants of their fate and to commit suicide.
Format: Tragicomedy
Cast Size: 17M/2F



See Robert Skloot, The Darkness We Carry: The Drama of the Holocaust (Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 1988), pp. 56–58.

Original or Prominent Production: Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, CT, 1986
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
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