Family Story [סיפור משפחתי]


A Jewish family moves from Vienna to Heidelberg in Germany. Ruth, the mother, is having a love affair with Robert. Both are fired from the university where they work because they are Jewish. Ruth won't leave Otto, her husband, Anushka, their daughter, Freddie, her mentally disabled brother, and Miriam, her aunt; so Robert leaves her, and moves to Palestine. When the Nazi party gets stronger, Miriam gets immigration certificates for the family, but not for herself, because of her age. The family immigrates to Israel, and Ruth tries to get a certificate for Miriam, but even her manipulative charm doesn't break through the bureaucracy, and Miriam dies in Germany. Otto has a hard time adjusting, and ends up teaching in a high school. Ruth discovers that Freddie is a pedophile, and accuses him of attacking Anushka. Freddie commits suicide. Anushka becomes a communist as part of her adolescent rebellion, and she meets Robert (without knowing who he is), who is also a communist. Anushka becomes pregnant, and gives birth to Naomi. In the end Robert is united with Naomi, after being released from prison (for being a communist).
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 4F/4M



Mazya turned the play into a novel called Family Novel.

Original or Prominent Production: Cameri, 1996
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew

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