For the Love of a Leica


A Russian colonel's obsession with a Leica in Brest, Poland in 1940 drives him to send the camera's Jewish owner to a labor camp and deport his family to Siberia. Ironically, he becomes the family's savior when all 30,000 Brest Jews are slaughtered by the Nazis. A story of one family's resilience and their redemptive reunion with their Russian colonel.
Format: Full-length drama
Cast Size: 7M/1F
Running time: 75 minutes
Character breakdown

Moshe Rose—owner of Leica
Esther Rose—his wife
Chaim Rose—their son, 12
Spasskii—Russian colonel
Kozlov—Moshe’s Russian boss
Grishka—store attendant
Pytor Ivanovich—store attendant
Stepka—worker in Kozlov’s office


Original or Prominent Production: Ensemble Theater, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
Original Source Material: The Leica and other Stories by Harry Rosenberg.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English

Self-published memoir by G&M Rosenberg, 1994.

Production Rights Holder:

Cynthia Dettelbach