From Man, to Beast, to Crawling Thing


The play is about two Holocaust survivors, one a Jew (Yankl) and the other a Roma (Janos) who meet each other on a road to their respective hometowns. They find out that they are from the same town and begin their journey together as they walk home and talk about their pasts, including what happen to each of them in the concentration camps. They still hold some stereotypical prejudices against each other and come to realize that these biases are ridiculous since they both ended up in Auschwitz with their families and friends going up in smoke in the chimney flues. By the end, they have grown closer, though the Roma survivor Janos holds a very dark secret that makes it almost impossible for him to enter his hometown.
Format: Drama with music
Cast Size: 10M/8F


Original or Prominent Production: Workshopped at the San Diego Repertory Theatre and at the Streisand New Play Presentation at the La Jolla JCC.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English, some Yiddish and Romani
Production Rights Holder:

Yale Strom