The Goldman Project


It is 1994 and Naomi Goldman, recently widowed, is living in an apartment in upper Manhattan. Her son Tony, separated from his wife, lives with her. When Tony's old college girlfriend Aviva contacts him with the ulterior motive of interviewing and videotaping his mother for a Holocaust memorial project, Tony is appalled. Naomi, reluctant at first, eventually agrees to the interview. Though appearing to be forthright in her story, Naomi clearly is hiding a devastating secret. When Aviva pushes her to admit the truth, the consequences are life changing. The Goldman Project is a play about family relations, the lingering legacy of the Holocaust and the catharsis of self-renewal.
Format: Full-length drama
Cast Size: 1M/2F
Character breakdown

Naomi Goldman—Romanian-born widow
Tony—Naomi’s son
Aviva Levine—Tony’s old college girlfriend



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Original or Prominent Production: The Penguin Repertory Theater, October, 2006.
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Original Language: English

Samuel French

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Samuel French

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