Hanneke and Fiet


Based on a book by Ran Cohen-Harounoff, this is the story of his mother Hanneke, who, at age three, was separated from her parents and was taken into hiding in Amsterdam during World War II. She is moved from home to home because of the risk to the families that take her in. But when she finds herself in the home of one Dutch family, she forms a strong bond with the daughter Fiet. Hanneke is treated with love and kindness as if she were part of their family, and she remains in their home until the end of the war. Fiet’s parents promise Hanneke that her parents will come to get her when the war is over, and three years later they finally do.
Format: Full-length play
Cast Size: 3M/3F


Original or Prominent Production: Mediatheque Theatre, Holon, Israel, 2015.
Original Source Material: Based on the book Hanneke and Fiet by Ran Cohen-Harounoff, published by Keter Books Ltd., Israel, 2013.
Nationality of Author: