He Walked through the Fields [הוא הלך בשדות]


Memorial Day for Uri in the fictional kibbutz Gat HaAmakim. A member of the kibbutz tells us about how things have changed, so much so that Uri won't recognize the place. He tells us who Uri was: the first son born in the kibbutz, warrior in the Palmach. Uri’s parents are separating when he returns to the kibbutz from agricultural school; his dad has just returned from a mission abroad, bringing surviving children, over a very rough road via Teheran. Uri meets a young girl, Mika, who was brought by his dad. Mika was a well-educated girl before the war, but has a dubious past. They fall in love and move in together, and the kibbutz is not happy: everyone, including Uri's mom, thinks Uri deserves a better girl. Uri is called into service, and fights with Mika, who is pregnant, although nobody knows. Uri's platoon is ordered to blow up a bridge to stop the British soldiers reaching an illegal ship, and Uri swaps places with the bomber and is wounded badly. Mika is on her way to have an abortion, but when she learns that Uri has died, she keeps the child and makes peace with Uri's mother.
Cast Size: 14M/11F


Original or Prominent Production: Cameri Theater, 1948
Original Source Material: Based on the novel by Moshe Shamir, He Walked through the Fields, 1947.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew
English Language Translator: Aubrey Hodes

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