Hitler on the Roof


A black comedy in which Dr. Joseph Goebbels and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahi are doomed to a perpetual afterlife where they must confront their pasts. Locked deep down inside the present-day Führerbunker, the two engage in cunning feats of denial, manipulation, and pure slapstick. Written during an alarming rise of Danish Nationalism in 2011, this play is a timely reminder of the consequences of selling lies as truth and propaganda as art.
Format: Black comedy


Original or Prominent Production: The play toured Denmark for two years with the company Folketeatret; an English language version of the play, produced by Akvavit Theatre, touring Europe, 2017; Strawdog Theatre Company, Chicago, June 21–July 9, 2017.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Danish
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Rhea Leman

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