Hitler’s Tasters


Brief synopsis: Hitler’s Tasters is a dark comedy about the young German women who had the “honor” of being chosen as Adolf Hitler’s food tasters. Based on reported events in history with shades of contemporary life, Hitler’s Tasters explores the way girls navigate sexuality, patriotism and poison against the backdrop of war.
Format: Dark Comedy
Cast Size: 4-5W
Character breakdown

Cast breakdown: 4-5 young women representing ages late teens to early 20’s.
One of the women only shows up at the very end so she could potentially be an understudy or the women who is offstage.
These women must look like the Nazi ideal. They are the future of the Reich.



Study guides or support material: Educational Graphic Novel adapted from Hitler’s Tasters is currently in development.
Winner of the 2017 Susan Glaspell award

Original or Prominent Production: New Light Theater Project, New York, NY
Original Source Material: https://www.njtfoundation.org
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Original Language: English
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Michelle Kholos Brooks

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