The Holocaust Kid


Adapted from Sonia Pilcer’s book of the same name, The Holocaust Kid is a collection of linked autobiographical stories that portrays the life of a “2G”—a second generation Holocaust survivor. It captures what it means to be born in the shadows of death, and to live and love without forgetting.
Format: Autobiographical drama



Pilcer coined the term 2G, to refer to second generation Holocaust survivors; the term originally appeared in her book 7 Days.

Original or Prominent Production: Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, Massachusetts; Ensemble Studio Theater, Manhattan, New York.
Original Source Material: Based on Sonia Pilcer’s family history and her own childhood as a second generation Holocaust survivor. Pilcer was born in a displaced persons camp in Germany to Polish Jewish Holocaust survivors. Her father was in Auschwitz and her mother in a forced labor camp. She arrived with her parents in New York City in the 1950s.
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Original Language: English

The Holocaust Kid was originally published by Persea Books; Delta published the paperback edition in 2002.

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Contact author’s agent: Gareth Esersky at Carol Mann Agency
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