Imagine This

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An inspirational story following the lives of ordinary people trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, 1942. Imagine This follows a group of actors in the Warsaw Ghetto as they stage a play to inspire hope within their community. However, with rumors of a Final Solution in the air, their play merges with the reality they are trying to escape, and a dramatic love story unfolds. Imagine This is a story about ordinary people—brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers—facing impossible choices and making heroic decisions.
Format: Musical in two acts
Cast Size: 10M/4F



Book by Glenn Berenbeim
Music by Shuki Levy
Lyrics by David Goldsmith

Original or Prominent Production: The musical opened in the West End of London at the New London Theatre on November 19, 2008. In October 2016, the amateur theatre company, Freies Musical-Ensemble Münster, performed the German premiere of Imagine This in Münster.
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Original Language: English

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