Impure Until Evening [טמא עד הערב]


Daniel returns to where his family was murdered. He comes back to his childhood home in order to perform a cleansing ritual so the dead will stop hunting him. The ceremony he performs is one that can only be performed in the Temple, and leaves Daniel "impure until evening." Daniel stays at an inn, where he meets up with several local characters: the inn-keeper, who played a part in the murdering and robbing of Jews—a classic Jew hater; a count, who is there doing research, and seems open-minded and modern but is also anti-Semitic; the village priest, a representative of Christian hatred for Jews, who sees Daniel as the son of Satan and the killer of Christ and at the time didn't object to the pogrom; Romulus, the village idiot, a very violent man; Rosetta, the inn-keeper's daughter, aged about 40, who lives a life of sin and falls in love with Daniel. In the end, Daniel is murdered, just like his family.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 1F/5M


Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew